Claiming the Booty! (no… not that one)

Let me begin by saying that I am extremely excited about this blog! I would love to say that I will not be loyal to my title of Social Commentator but fortunately nothing riles me up more than social issues which, to the naked eye (or the disinterested/disillusioned soul), appear to be of little significance to the Caribbean community. What is allegiance?

Allegiance is a concept that is a part of every being’s existence. When we hear allegiance, whether islanders or not, the first thing most likely to come to mind is a national loyalty, confidence and pride; a knowledge of things indigenous and a glorification of things ethnic. In my opinion all these things are true but what is also true is that allegiance to country is affected immensely by the personal journey.
If you have come to find yourself in a position where straddling a fence in a delicate balancing act has turned into a medieval torture device on the verge of separating your metaphorical limbs from your body, i.e. your ideological core, then I hope that you will find this blog to be a way for you to learn more about yourself and what it is you are really pledging allegiance to in life. At times the balance will be so even and the choice so clear that it may feel like divine intervention balanced the scales. At other times, ironically, that journey can approach destructive levels that may leave you in every kind of pain you could think of [enter medieval torture device] but ultimately… experience (through your journey) strengthens the core =).
The aforementioned phenomenon takes place as part of a personal journey – a personal journey that is inevitable even if you never get the chance to step foot off the land of your birth. However, no member of this global community can maintain a unilateral allegiance (to self, a place, etc.) without jeopardizing the potential of one’s experience. For members of the Caribbean community this has been true for a long time now. You could pull out the academic in you and look as far back as our historic arrival to these islands. Or you could just think about the first time you went to the airport – somebody was getting on or off a plane… it may or may not have been you. One way or another that trip to the airport  had an undeniable and  lasting effect.

Dont act like everybody wasnt flying out on BWee!!

Don't act like everybody wasn't flying out on BWee!! Remember when they looked like this and didn't take you to Trinidad even when your destination was saaayyy... Barbados?

Make no mistake – having the opportunity to experience something else is priceless. It not only expands your horizons and understanding of others, but more importantly it gives you an appreciation for what you knew before, where you came from, and what you may have believed. Oft times what you learn is that you know more than you thought, and have more to value than you knew.

P.S. I just wanted to give a little intro… there is so much going on in the world right now that I couldn’t possibly address it all in one go… but never fear … there is an array of Allegiance booty out there to be claimed… and we will claim it!!!


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