Day does run til night catch it…

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For thanksgiving I had the pleasure of visiting Barbados for the few days that I was able to afford (with the price of gas and all). A few things disturbed me:

1) On the front page of the  newspaper was a picture of a man’s mangled body underneath a concrete pillar  that literally crushed him to death, with a smaller picture of his distraught family just below it.  (no pic but here’s the article… hit the jump). If  you don’t know me, anyone who does will tell you that shock has to come in epic proportions to move me one way or de udda. I was shocked! It was not because the picture was on the front page of a paper and it wasn’t because the picture was on the front of a Bajan newspaper. I was shocked at the disrespect toward the grieving family by having that picture on the front of the newspaper and to add insult to injury the picture of the distraught relatives right under the picture.  To be honest, when I saw that the first flashback I had was back to 9/11 when I watched in agony as people jumped from the windows of the towers.

Maybe I have been living in America too long or something that it bewitch me, but even in the present war time, I cannot recall seeing a picture on the front of any of these American newspapers looking that gruesome. I know that is also due to the fact that we don’t see alot of  the gore of war because “they” would have us believe we were winning the war or watever…. but then – there have just been at least 3 fatal plane crashes and numerous mass shootings and you don’t see any of the victims’ bullet riddled or charred bodies plastered on any front page. Maybe I am being biased because I expect a more conservative approach to reporting, either that or a little more conscientiousness approach from Bajan media. I think I’m going to have to trust my spidey senses and say that The Nation went to far that time. They crossed the line, and besides the disrespect through the seeking out of a sensational angle, the other problem I have with the situation is that they were even able to get close enough to take the picture that they did.


2)Which brings me to my big fat juicy bone that I have to pick with bajan law enforcement.

Let me paint you a picture of my first and very lasting impression of the police in bim.

8 years old. living with my grandparents. One night drunken neighbour who has grudge comes knocking down door of chattel house weilding big ass butcher knife threatening to kill grandparents. 8 year old child in panic calls police because grandfather went for cutlass. 8yr old swears grandaddy goin jail same night, because he might have to slice and dice mister drunk neighbour. Police station is 10 mins away on foot … while strolling.  Police arrive approximately half hour later. At which time one officer greets crazy neighbour by nickname  (who btw proceeded to piss all over our front lawn and refuse to leave)while we waited for the police) and proceeds to have convo, while the other cousels grandmother to not worry about anything they have it under control. No statement, no record of formal complaint nothing.


The Best thing about the Police Force is the Band. If you are bajan and you have lived on that precious rock, and have had to, for any unfortunate reason require the assistance of the police for any reason ( note the repetition for emphasis… life threatening circumstances only!!)… you  have a story to tell. And I will risk to bet that 9.127 out of 10 stories will revolve around the police:

  1. not arriving in a timely fashion
  2. not arriving in a timely fashion
  3. assisting people they know first and everybody else after (which should not be a shocker since Bim is still a place where knowing people is a plus)
  4. treating someone unfairly
  5. not arriving in a timely fashion
  6. roughing up someone unnecessarily
  7. …. not arriving in a timely fashion

BUT needless to say when they do arrive in a timely fashion what we get is this outrage. I didn’t have all the details then, and I still don’t… but what I read in the paper in November (and have been reading since then) smells more like Oistins fish market than Oistins fish market. The death of I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney is proving to be the mystery that only the world’s greatest detective could possibly solve and only the greatest suspense writer could possibly create. Something like only Dan Brown could write and only Sherlock could solve.

Some basic information quoted from reports is covered here. The story goes from police getting wind of some incoming drugs on the northern, very cliffy end of the island, to this man seemingly jumping to his death from said cliff??? There is alot in between there but essentially the inadequate policing manifested in police giving statements 13 days later, police reports being identical down to grammatical errors. 

I am waiting to see, like many others in Barbados and the world over what will become of this. If it walk talk and shit like a duck it just might be a duck… or it might be in that webbed footed bird family. This police corruption slash covering-up slash misbehavior is out of control. Needless to say plebes at the bottom never get away with a thing… nothing the top dogs don’t let them get away with. Cadets of yesteryear would know this to be true having orbited their fair share of NCOs, shone numerous officer’s boots  and having ran laps whilst carrying .303’s over their heads…much like one would do if one won a first place trophy at the track… only we didn’t win a damn thing. But I stray… or maybe not.


The Barbados Police force needs some bush tea or epsom salts… a large dose to purge the substandard practices and the corruption. There needs to be an overhaul because clearly training is lacking in all levels of forensic procedures. Barbados’ media may need to be yoked up every once in a while… maybe. But how ironic that the feud between these two has been boiling over for a couple months now if not longer. The media tries to expose the police corruption and the police try to stifle >>cough<< control the media by throwing them in jail and slapping them with charges etc. . The same reckless abandon that led to that picture being plastered on the front page last Novemeber, needs to continue to expose the cracks and holes in bajan law enforcement.




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