Stabs: 100| Juks: 1000 | Organs intact: priceless


KINGSTON – Representatives of some hospitals revealed that more men have been fracturing their penises in recent months than any other time in Jamaica.

That sentence began an article recently published in the Nation on 4/11. So for those of you who missed it, I wanted to create for you the conditions in which only that sentence at the beginning of a serious report, could bring…. Mission accomplished or wha? Wow! I guess this daggerin‘  “phenomenon” is really catching on in some parts… and might I add that when it catch it seems to be holding on in a very painful way:

Bailey continued that when the penis was fractured there was a loud popping sound, followed by excruciating pain and significant swelling, causing the penis to appear deformed. He noted that in some cases, blood might be seen coming from the organ.

How much do you think that hurts??? C'mon... scale of 1-10. Seriously.


I don’t even have those parts and it mekking my belly hurt!!!

I have always been for responsible, consensual, safe sex. I also believe to each his own… if it makes you happy, and yuh ain’t killin or maiming nuhbody, do yuh ting. Note I didn’t say yuhself… for good reason. But these things and more are exactly why I have a problem with this daggerin foolishness. 

*Is it a chicken and egg situation? Did the music come first or the dancing/sex? Even though…

The doctors could not confirm if any of the cases regarding the broken penis took place when the men were doing the dance version of daggerin’ as opposed to rough intercourse.”

If you have ever watched a passa passa video  (by choice or force) then you have answered the question of the music vs. dance…. maybe.

*When did dancehall music go from feeling nice in the dub and appreciating the nice form of the female to talking about doing all types of things to a woman’s private parts…. I mean things that sound like they should only be said in the backyard while the pig (or sheep or goat) is being prepared for slaughter.  It feels like that week that I missed chemistry class and we were beginning organic chemistry.{SREWED!!!}.  Or according to Kat, a very bad episode of Lost… only I’m on the island all by myself.

* Now if  the men suffer this injury while dancing, well I would hope that once would be enough. Women are more likely to suffer brain damage or paralysis from the dancing than anything else. You will agree if you have seen said videos. I did not want to link the profanity, but in case you are interested and haven’t googled daggering yet,  you can youtube  “dutty fridaze” and you will be set for life with tutorials and what- not-to-do’s on daggering.

*Along the lines of “to each his own” if you as a female consent to engage in daggering well I guess that is a conversation you must be prepared to have with  yourself in the morning when you awake to find your uterus ovaries on the floor…

*This has also blurred the lines on what getting “rough” is. It seems to me that the distinguishing factor between that and daggering ….is that loud POPping sound!

Now for me to hop on my soapbox for a paragraph or so….

You know how some people say hiphop is dead and others argue it needs a revival? Well I think we are currently at that point in dancehall music. I am all for freedom of expression, and I must admit that if i go to the club one way or another my waistline will be working the hell out of the rhythms. Actually, the title of this article is one of my favorite songs from this “daggering” genre, so I guess this means I have implicated myself in the proliferation of this garbage, but I digress.  If you haven’t, listen to one of these daggering tunes, even the one above. The lyrics are out of this world offensive, degrading and objectifying to/of women! What is even more disturbing is the fervor with which  women on these videos participate. ANd I must say that I also disturbed myself with how much I favoured this song before I actually listened to the words. If there was one thing that my history SBA research taught me, it was that women are oft times the perpetuators, whether wittingly or unwittingly, of  alot of issues we face. It can span the simplicity of a woman and man sharing a wuk-up  to one of these songs at a party; to the complexity of parents, in their absence and/or presence, not setting a good example for their boy and girl children.

And while the sentiment may seem far removed from the topic, at any point in time it comes down to choices. The choice you make today will  never ever just affect  numero uno.… (I think there should be some kind of test or application before some people are allowed to be fruitful and multiply…..yess…but that is another article)

What is this really saying about how our generation values one another? What is it saying about the direction our culture is heading in? How does this affect/add to the negative sterrotypes that Caribbean people already face? What does it sya about the future of our identity as a region through the proliferation of this hot mess in the arts?

Hop off Soapbox

The newspaper article went on with advice from a Jamaican Doc that went something like this

….men who suffered a penile fracture should immediately seek medical assistance as leaving it unattended might cause the penis to be permanently deformed or they might become impotent.
Yuh dont say....
Yuh don’t say….

5 responses to “Stabs: 100| Juks: 1000 | Organs intact: priceless

  • bajediva

    wha loss!! I am one who will have to admit I loves to hear the “5-10-15-20-25-30…” whoa dear. Gone Wild!! But I had no idea about this daggering business!!! And once my blinded eyes were unscaled, I was shocked speechless and paralyzed as I watch said “dutty fridaze” videos! I also wonder why it is that the latest coming out of the dancehall genre seems to be a competition among artists, and also of each artist against his/her previous production, to be the most sexually explicit. Is the music to blame? Are the artists to blame? Or is this just a superficial manifestation of a depth-less societal ill? In any case, I believe the Jamaican/West Indian dancehall presents a space ripe for the study of gender relations in the region…Dis post got muh tinkin…

  • joy

    okay!! 100 stabs 1000 jucks! SMH

  • jdid

    dancehall always been slack but the amount of slackness has gone up exponentially lately!
    girl i had to look up some a dem words to some a dem songs the other day cause i wasnt sure wha all dem was talking bout.

    can you really say that dancehall is dead in the way hip hop is/was though cause it seems more like dancehall been fractured into a quite conscious stream with the likes of richie spice, tarrus riley and then a really slack stream with the likes of the movados and vybzs that jukkin and daggering.

    like i posted if all i knew about jamaica was recent dancehall music i would think that sex is some sort of war or fight to the death considering all the lyrics those guys spew.

    • bajeflava

      you are right… this daggering did more than physial fracturing. I mean obviously some kind of talent is there because we are so dumbfounded at the way these guys put these lyrics together, and the riddims are soo infectious… so i will give jack he jacket. But the same lyrics show a kind of moral flatline when it come to relations between the genders in this generation.

      I have difficulty discerning now where culture ends and the debauchery begins because i just can’t accept that this is what it has come to…Has any body peeped the little children in the videos as spectators?

      • pledgeallegiance

        A very pertinent point you make there on the discernment of the line between culture and debauchery…makes things a little difficult when it’s hard to get a steady diet of Bajan and West Indian culture. You turn up at a West Indian spot some Saturday night, and this is what you’re fed as a taste of home…

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