Eff ya gine lime, Lime in Luxury!!


“Don’t just strive for perfection cause that sounds like your patronising yourself. You have to go one step further and believe perfection if you really want to do your best.”

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been following the fashion line Luxury Limin over the past year or two. I’m so glad that the evolution of Bajan fashion seems to be keeping up with the island’s new generation of foward-thinkers and movers. (Imagine if, in our quest to display pride and connect with our motherland, all we had to turn to were those tourist shirts, a la Mall 34!! Bajans, you know wha I talkin bout.) So I am watching Luxury Limin just as one watches a wave some distance of the shore building, and cresting…waiting anxiously for when it’s readily available here in the US!! Online would be great. But I bet Foerver 21 would sell them too!

Meanwhile, thanks to Facebook again, I managed to make a connection this week with one of the visionaries behind the movement, John Aymes…randy-plain-polo1

Who is John Aymes: in 5 words!
John Aymes is “never tired-bored; always thinking”

When and how was 3 Points Fashion founded?
3 Points fashion was founded in 2006 but the name symbolises the shared vision of three like-minded individuals who met two years prior to the company being formed. Fashion is one facet of that shared vision but at the heart of it, it’s creating, innovating and challenging limits, inspiring and entertaining people, especially Caribbean people, wherein our passion lies.

How has the company grown since its inception? What successes and challenges have you met?
The company is just us three, at the core, in our varying capacities, so the company grows as we grow and gain experience. I think because of the way we approach things we are always growing, never satisfied always agitating, re-questioning, exploring new avenues to improve and get better, which benefits us, others around us, win-win. But Luxury Limin specifically, I can say we started out from the beginning doing more than regular crew cut tees. We had this sheer scoop top in our first fashion show with ‘Bussa’ on it that everyone loved. Since then we have added hats, polos, jackets, hoodies. We used to deliver exclusively, that was the only way you we could get the clothes to our customers in the beginning. That is how we developed a relationship with our clientele early on and got a feel for what people wanted. Now, in addition to having it delivered, you can buy our styles from dB Boutique on Fontabelle.


The name suggests that the Luxury Limin line embodies a marriage of culture and high standard apparel. Why the focus on such culture-specific designs as opposed to a more generic line?
There is nothing generic about what 3 Points or Luxury Limin wants to accomplish so whatever we put out there is intentionally specific and targeted. Here is an alternative to wearing American flags and symbols and slang.
A brand that rivals any brand in the world for quality, style and relevance to Barbadian people.
That’s as close to perfection as you can get in the context, no? I’m not saying we’re perfect but that’s what we aim for, anyone should aim for: don’t just strive for perfection cause that sounds like your patronising yourself. You have to go one step further and

believe perfection if you really want to do your best. That being said we are always working on improving quality and keeping it at a high level. I wouldn’t sell anything that I wouldn’t wear personally. I’m a little skinnier, well maybe more than a little, skinnier than I was when we started the line in ’06 but the fit of the tees is still flattering and that’s what I like, that I can wear my own clothes willingly and really set off an outfit.

Are there any plans for expanding distribution across the region, to the US, or to the UK? When will Luxury Limin be available online?

Actually thats our mantra this year: EXPANSION. Exploring some opportunities at the moment but we’ll let you know

for sure when we’ll be a fully functioning e-tail business and or where to look for us next on the map. I should be able to confirm that next time you interview me. *wink* The long term plan includes a regional, international direction most definitely. The question should be where don’t we want to take the brand, some uninhabitable places on the planet, we’ll set up shop there after we’re everywhere else.



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