Citizens of Earth


“…do something, write something, say something, sing something about it.”

As Bajan as I am and will always be, it seems to me that there are calls in other languages, from other shores, which speak to me deeply. My time away from home has broadened my awareness of the experiences of others and of the transcendence of my own connection to humanity. The interaction of locality, culture and identity fascinates me, and more and more, I find that I’m growing into a sense of self that is trans-local and trans-cultural. By virtue of my humanity and spirituality, I am a citizen of earth. I feel it as I teach in a “foreign” country, where most of my students are themselves considered “foreigners”, speaking a “foreign” language. I feel it when I see, hear and read of places, near and far, in which poverty and unrest compromise the safety and disrupt the education of children, often innocently paying for their fathers’ failings, often unknowingly supporting the greed of the selfish. I am driven to do something, say something, write something, sing something about it.

As I myself ponder these concepts and seek ways to play my role, I thought I’d use this space to explore a little bit, and to celebrate and support others who are forging ahead in heeding the calls of our kin. Keep watching this space!!


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