Green is *~beAUtiFuL~* [eKo+Konscious]

green toes

See how pretty and HaPpY my toes are?? It’s ’cause they’re *G*R*E*E*N* !!!

Thanks to some initiatives I’ve happened to be a part of, and to green-minded friends of mine – particularly two Californians who’ve been great friends to me – I find myself thinking more and more about this planet earth that God’s provided us, the awesome way it supports life and whether the way I live this life it enables helps or hurts it. So, I’ve got my sturdy reusable canvas bags that I tote for my grocery trips, and I often get strange looks from the cashier when on impromptu purchases, I opt to take my goodies out in my hand rather than in an non-degradeable, earth-clogging plastic bag.

And now, it’s trickling into my beauty habits :-). I love looking my best, and feeling my best at the same time is priceless. I get just a little more excited knowing that I can do both with my new Bamboo Eco-Tools (which I just stuck in my purse when I bought them and refused the bag, of course!)

ecoTools logo

So, I swapped my disposable sponge foundation applicators for the ecoTOOLS foundation brush. ecoTools foundbrush

It’s reusable, so I’m definitely creating less waste. Bamboo is one of the earth’s, if not *the*,  most sustainable resources, so no guilt about placing too much demand on raw materials. It’s
nice and firm, and great on blending.

ecoTools powderI don’t use my foundation too much in any case – my daily standby is a breathable oil-blotting powder from IMAN – so it’s the ecoTOOLS powder brush that’s become my best friend. The bristles are quite soft yet sturdy. I *sooooo* LOVE it. Sometimes, even after the powder is applied, I’ll just twirl it around on my face ’cause it feels so good!

The exfoliating pads steal my heart, though. I’ve used several products for exfoliating, including the Aveeno ecoTools exfolpads
scrubbing pads where one side is rough and the other soft. St. Ives exfoliating Apricot scrub remains perched on the sink as well.  What is great to me about the ecoTOOLS Facial Buffs, though, is that they’re reusable, so I don’t create unnecessary waste, AND I can use them with whatever face-wash has my fancy at the time, which allows me to combine exfoliating with acne-fighting or moisturizing properties, whatever my skin wants on the day.

look *Great* FEEL *GreaT* [eKo+Konscious]


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