Citizens of Earth: *Mudiwa*


– – – –“I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard stories…”– – – –

For all its quirks and support of stalkers, Facebook is still my friend. It’s how I found out about Mudiwa Designs, the amazingly creative venture of Scheri-lyn Green, Bimshire-born Citizen of Earth. She pours her passion for humanity into the most beautifully hand-crafted handbags, then turns the physical profit over to make meaningful change in Zimbabwe. As a lover of fashion, I get excited when I come across a cute dress, hot shoes, plus I have a special thing for earrings. But these pieces from  Mudiwa? Every aspect, from conception to fashion, embodies true beauty.

With the little I’ve seen of Mudiwa Designs, it seems that ‘Scheri-lyn Green’ is driven, creative, with a mind and heart open to human need. But who would *you* say Scheri-lyn Green is?
I am all of the things you mentioned above – but more importantly I am a dreamer who has a passion for positive change. I cannot be touched and then lay dormant. I try to empower those around me to join me in making a difference. I am someone who respects the past but acknowledges that the future holds endless possibilities. All of these passions and elements merge to result in the everyday Scheri-lyn Green.

mudiwa3The pieces I’ve seen online are indeed fresh, and beautiful. Why handbags?

It all began with my frustration at not finding the accessories I needed to complete a look. I never liked cookie cutter accessories or fashion so sometimes getting what you envision has to come from your very own hands. Each purse is a one of a kind creation – if you see something you like – act quickly! The very first purse I made was in 2005…

You were
raised in Barbados, and are currently living in the US. Why focus your outreach on Zimbabwe?
Love makes you do extraordinary things! Some time ago I met an amazing young man from Zimbabwe. Now almost four years into our relationship his struggles and frustrations have become my own. As stated in one post of the website – “I’ve never been there – but I’ve heard stories..” I have heard stories of a once strong nation – ‘the bread basket of Africa’ that now lays crippled and in need of foreign aid. I have heard frustration in his mother’s voice when I ask her how they make it day to day in Zimbabwe. Coupled with the tone of frustration, she always has a sense of hope. This has inspired me to make the world pay attention to an oil-less and mineral-poor country with talent in its people that is more valuable than one can imagine.

WheMudiwa2re do you see Mudiwa Designs growing to in the next year? 5 years?

In the next year I plan to have Mudiwa Designs available in Barbados. In the future I plan to open a Flagship store in a major city as well as have Mudiwa available in local boutiques in various cities. I want to expand my craft to include other personalized items – ties and even clothing. Having driven and creative staff is essential to this – so Mudiwa Designs plans to hire in the next five years! I also plan to continue supporting the effort of Zimbabwe through education and health. Specifically, I would like to see partnerships between hospitals in the United States with hospitals in Zimbabwe. I will also continue to strengthen my partnership with The Brothers Trust Foundation and their efforts towards enhancing education in Zimbabwe via supporting teachers’ salaries and funding supplies.

And super importantly, where and when can I/anyone at large purchase a piece from Mudiwa Designs?!?!
Currently – order of items in stock can be placed via the contact link on
. In the near future I will post paypal on my
website for direct orders and create a page on – another
online marketplace for handcrafted goods.

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