Where to Pee in NYC!!!

elephant pee

They say admitting is the first step to recovery, yet while I have had no problem admitting for sometime, I am not entirely sure that I’m any closer to being recovered. I have a problem, which my friends and close associates know all too well – I pee. A lot. The uncontrollable urges come suddenly, refusing to abate until I have relieved my bladder, whether completely involuntarily, or by volition of physical action, though not necessarily of location. I could tell you a couple stories…from bus rides to the East Coast, to performances, to job interviews…but this is not about the problem, this is about the solution!!

Knowing locations where I might relieve myself are key to my success in public outings. Thanks to this video, New York City just became a little more friendly and a little less frantic for me…

For more, check out www.theresident.net!


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