Feed Your Brain, Feed the World! wWw.FreeRice.com

~Citizens of Earth~


Did you know that ‘Koine’ is a Greek dialect, an amalgamation of Attic and Ionic? Or that ‘el padazo’ means ‘piece’ in español? Believe it or not, neither did I! Thankfully, Freerice.com rectified that for me, all while I garnered a few hundred grains of rice in aid of the hunger crisis.

Thanks to Freerice.com , it’s a tad easier for you to fulfill your civil duties as a Citizen of Earth. The UN reports that 25,000 people die daily from hunger or hunger-related causes, and not surprisingly, most of these are children. At Freerice.com, run by the UN World Food Program, stimulate your brain cells through quizzes on Vocabulary, Maths, Languages, Chemistry, Art and Geography. For each correct answer, sponsors fund another 10 grains of rice. Might seem like a little bit, but 10 grains adds up! Since it’s inception in 2007, the website has generated 65,390,207,060 grains of rice!! That is a lot of pelau!!!

If you are still reading, there’s a problem. You should already be on Freerice.com!! Bookmark and visit daily!!!


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