An Ebenezer (lest I forget)

And in the midst of a striving
presumed to be futile,
the object of pursuit
finds me:
Fresh as a young coconut blade
it slices notions preconceived,
cracks shells and the tender whiteness is revealed –
thirst is quenched as the roughness meets the lips
with a sweetness all but forgotten.

And in this treasure, paradise defies time and space,
breaks the cocoon of skyscraping parentheses,
unveils oranges and yellows in the bleak midwinter –
despondency is shattered as faith takes flight
with a beauty hitherto unknown.
The trajectory of hope
in parallel universes forever altered,
care is taken to preserve this present course,
to protect the fragile beauty
of this simplicity
encased in a moment of clarity.


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