Conquering the Depths – Dive Barbados Blue!!


Andre Miller of Dive Barbados Blue

 Photos by Jaryd Niles-Morris

Hmm...not sure the mask will make it as summer's hottest accesory...

I’m almost depressed. I’ve been living at 30% all 23 years of my life! …mistakenly under the impression that while I’ve not reached the zenith of my existence, I was pretty on target. Turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong. Who doesn’t know that the earth is 70% water, 30% land? Yet the true weight of that fact was never known to me until today. Andre Miller, through Dive Barbados Blue, was a type of Savior for me, redeeming what would otherwise be a life dulled with ignorance had I not gone on my first scuba dive!!!!!

I don’t know that I’ve been away from home long enough for this trip to count as a vacation, but by some standards, going on the dive was “touristy”. Sure didn’t mind meeting my new diving comrades from Manchester and Israel, but I can’t deny it’s a pity more ‘locals’ don’t take advantage of the opportunity to explore the mind-blowing beauty in which this fantastic island is encrusted. I lived here full-time for 18 years and have been so deprived!!! Words will fail if I try to describe, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. [erm, stay tuned for when I finally post the full album, inclusive of underwater shots!] the pool at the start of the lesson. the pool at the start of the lesson.

What I must say, though, is how refreshing it is every time I encounter someone loving what they do everyday. Andre ‘Coral Transplantation Biologist-Entrepreneur-Master Scuba Diver-Awesome Instructor ‘ Miller is chock full of zest and charm – I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks also to the receptionist, who helped calm my nerves at the start! Gratitude to a great team for a great day. See you guys when I come back for PADI certification!!!


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