Quickie Update

Oh my goodness, back from summer in Bimshire and SOOOOOO much too talk about!!!! I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I HAVE to!!! Started grad school straight off the ‘plane, so life has been a bit hectic, but I need to maintain my commitment!

Have some Citizens of Earth to talk about…

Martha's Smile

Toni Thorne with the Martha’s Smile Initiative, and Wear The Issue – two fantastic

projects showing the potential of creative thought to transform social

awareness and reality.


from emali

Tameisha Henry’s From Emali With Love is a MUST READ, as she bares her

inner wranglings as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya. Had a most insightful

chat with her that I must share.


one hope one love

‘We Are One Hope, One Love’ – the theme of Janelle Skeete’s campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness,

another project of’Beauty With A Purpose’, co-sponsored by ‘Miss Barbados World’ and the

Barbados HIV/AIDS Commission.


In anticipation of when I finally play my role in helping to get word out on these PHENOMENAL young women, I say a huge THANK YOU to each of them for sharing their time, their stories, their visions, their selves.


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