HI HATERS!!! take a damn seat!!

Most of the time when people bring up Rihanna, I have to insert an “eye roll” because the questions that follow have very little variation. “Did you know her?” “Barbados is small so you guys went to the same school right?” ( yes because barbados sends 20,000 school children to one location… stuupse) As you can see the variation in the questions is non existent. People will possibly tell you that I can also sometimes walk a fine line on the brink of being so critical of Rihanna sometimes that I come across as either a bonafide hater or Rihanna basher… which is far from the truth. I am soooo proud of her! Rihanna has truly evolved into an artist. Of course when she started things were a little rocky – she had a little trouble with voice control, she couldn’t move too much and sing… you know, standard stuff that practice corrects and then makes perfect. As a lil island girl I am ecstatic that people know now that Barbados is not a parish in Jamaica, and that Caribbean people are deeper, dynamic and more mutidimensional than the ads that come on late at night  between infomercialss. I will even argue that before RhiRhi no artist besides Bob Marley has accomplished the universal appeal that she has managed. I mean have you seen her lately??? Of course you have because she has more paparazzi on her ass than there is sand on the beach!



So it was with great disturbance to my soul that I encountered THIS IGNORANCE. With the leak release of RihRih’s new single, Russian Roulette (which by the way gets 5 stars for real talk) from her highly anticipated album Rated R, the haters have emerged! Now these ignorant folk are claiming that rihanna 1) worships the devil 2) will incite a suicide spree across America.


Ho, Sit down!

Girl, Bye!

**blank stare**

oh… you guys are serious

Yes, of course! Because the devil worship is very apparent in these lyrics. Maybe if we play it backward as well.....

Yes, of course! Because the devil worship is very apparent in these lyrics. Maybe if we play it backward as well.....

Lyrics go something like:

“If you play you play for keeps, take the gun and count to three . . . As my life flashes before my eyes I’m wondering will I ever see another the sunrise . . . but it’s too late to see the value in my life . . . I’m terrified but I’m not leaving, I know that I must pass this test so just pull the trigger.”

Until she speaks on the inspiration of the song we can only speculate but it should not alarm anyone that her music has gotten somewhat darker and more intense. Anyone with at least an inkling of common sense, will take into account (even if rih rih did not write this song) that this girl has been through alot in the past year.  If you have been through any unhealthy relationship whether with a person, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, addiction, money, then you may be able to relate to the lyrics in the song. If you haven’t been through any of those desolate, self depreciating situations then maybe you can or can’t relate but maybe it will be easier for you to tell me where the devil resides in this song.

Let me first make it clear, having a background in psych, that a song cannot make someone do something (like suicide… no especially suicide) that he/she has not already planned to do. To get to the stage where you sit holding a loaded gun, pulling the trigger is not something that can be anymore encouraged by this song than a goat’s intelligence by reading it a book (unless of course you know something that I don’t know). Feel free to voice your disagreement, but I think that after hearing this song someone could say to themselves that “someone has finally expressed what this feels like, I’m not alone. If she can bounce back so can I. I can survive.”

The truth is AMERICANS got alot to be poppin shots over… Sh*t is hard in these streets.  Madoff, Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbine, Derrion Albert, Jena 6, virginia tech, 9/11  . . . and I could go on forever back to the civil war.

At the end of the day while any of this could be true… the truth is that Rih has to sell records! And all this hateration is helping… thank you very much. I am in no position to speak on whether or not she’s worshipping the devil… to believe in one you have to believe in the other so I ain’t worrying about that. I sincerely doubt that the girl is going to resurrect zombies from the dead. Go head Rih Rih… Bounce back like a penny off Gilles Marini’s behind!!!


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