It would be a great disservice to my bajan heritage not to say a few words on this most auspicious occasion!

43 and we gine strong! We have come a looong way from Bussa, 4 hip roofs, “dese days is funny nights”, and Redifusion (cause spelling it differently would just be wrong). I ain really come to write nuh whole lotta sentimental tings (not at this hour anyway) cause I want to get back to gourmandizing  muh conkies… But any how I was sittin down tinkin bout tings dat I would love to see happen in Bim… and some tings dat I would love to stop gine on too, some tings dat I hopin for and some tings dat does bother my soul. So in de hopes dat somebody actually reading dis ting, hear wha gine on:

  • Bajans should aim to maintain control of  bajan strongholds, for example, hypothetically speaking of course, it would look kinda bad for something like the Barbados central bank to be owned by Trinidad. Hence
  • Barbados should aim to counteract the the triple-ization process of the the republic of trinidad and tobago. no offense my trini bredren
  • Shontelle, Hal Linton, Livvi Franc and all my undiscovered bajan artistes are gonna knock this world off their musical behinds. They have already started by the way.
  • Significant improvements need to be made to the health system, particularly in the area of mental health. It is not enough that everybody has access to healthcare – there is always room for improvement.
  • I hope Bajans get serious about our health: We have a very high rate of obesity, especially among women. this means that we probably also have a high rate of obesity related diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and an increased risk for getting these and other deadly diseases.
  • Bajans STILL need to stop being so malicious… and I mean malicious in both the bajan and the dictionary way.
  • We need to wise up and let go of the stigma we have attached as a culture to HIV/AIDS. Knowledge is power. Get tested. Protect yaself.
  • I hope that the Arts is never removed from the education system in Barbados. It plays an integral role in learning and cultivating well rounded individuals who don’t grow up to feel trapped inside the box of the droid.
  • That said I hope we never remove religion from schools either, because contrary to popular belief, it helps contribute to the forming of ^that well rounded individual^.
  • I can get eclipse biscuits at my local rite aid pharmacy cheaper than I can in Barbados . . .    (something is inherently wrong with that)
  • I want de ministry of education to rethink the system they have set up which mandates scholars etc to repay their debt to the government in one specific way. Diversifying options might curb the exportation of the talent and genius we cultivate.
  • Pinehill need to revisit wha it is dat went wrong wid de peanut punch!!! FIX IT!!!
  • And of most importance to me: Bajans need to be very concerned about the fact that Barbados is categorized as a water scarce country. We need to be more aware of the integral role that water plays in us being who we are as a people, a nation, a culture, and a marketable commodity/product. With ground water supplies at a significant low that means that finding water for us to drink, wash and cook with, and use for irrigation is becoming increasingly difficult for the BWA, so much so that there are talks of buliding a reverse osmosis plant to bottle water? It may just be me but for an economy so heavily based in the beauty of our environment we can be pretty clueless about what is going on around us because of us. (in depth blogpost coming soon). The Minstry for the Environment etc. needs to do a little bit more to educate the public.
  • Why the BWA website look so meager??? and given the above this is an absoloute atrocity!!!
  • Why nobody ain save the Swamp/Bird Sanctuary in Graeme Hall??? chuh man ya spoil um
  • With this swine flu epidemic wunna really need to take advantage and consume ridiculous amounts of bajan cherry and shots of bush tea bitters! (contact your local grandparent for more bushtea info)

Happy Independence my Beautiful people!!!


3 responses to “As it is INDEPENDENCE…

  • carlos

    de bird sanctuary getting saved. i thought you should know!

    • bajeflava

      Thanks for the update. I recently found some pdfs pertaining to the new initiative but there also seems to be some controversy around the issue. Seems like they are moving the sanctuary to St. Phillip or something at the request of US investors?? Not sure but definitely will look into it further.

  • bajediva

    i love it! but even with all the words of wisdom, de one ting dat got me is dat you had conkies an i ain get none!!!

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