Let’s Get it On

“Where Peter? He ain’ comin’ ova?”

“No, he home recovering from de surgery.”

“Surgery?! Wha’ surgery?!”

“Well I guess he ain’ tell nuhbody really, but he went an get de surgery tuh gi’ he a button tuh press when he waan get hard.”


That silence was most necessary – I needed to process what I was hearing. A button-induced erection? Huh? The conversation continued – over the breakfast table, mind you – and I gleaned that this button was undetectably inserted somewhere under the skin, and produced a virtually instant erection when pressed. Interesting. Well it became the joke for the holidays, as everybody shared imaginary love-making scenarios involving this push-button hard-on. I’ll confess, I shared a laugh or two. But I’m trying my best to make this post more informational than inflammatory. I don’t have all the info, but the good doc below does, so check it out. I can’t help but wonder, how many of *you* would get this if things just stopped rising like they used to?? And I couldn’t help but wonder, would I sleep with a man if I knew he had a push-button penis?? Let me know what you think on the poll.



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