Lock Juice!!

When I’m hot and thirsty (in the dehydrated sense), I reach for some ice-cold passion fruit juice. Hits. the. spot. Like you have NO idea what that does to me. When my hair’s thirsty, I reach for…………………………..Exactly. Moisture was never quite on the forefront of my mind. I figured oiling my scalp would take care of that. Or conditioning when I shampoo. Well, in came Fall followed by Winter, and my error was exasperated. So I tried a hot oil treatment (hearkening to the good old relaxed days). Didn’t help so much. I expected it to just miraculously transform my cactus coiffure into sultry silk in one go. Surprise, surprise, no such luck. Decided I should make some kind of concerted effort. My lack of faith in most lab-produced crap on the shelves, plus feeling *even more* rootsy now that I’m Barbados led to me scouring the ‘net to find out if there’s anyway the random bottles of glycerin around my house could help. Plus I keep hearing about this egg treatment thing. So. *new* moisture regiment!! It’s only been a month, but I can already see and feel the change. I’m alternating my fortnightly shampoo with an egg treatment, for protein enrichment to strengthen and restore my hair from it’s brittleness. I’ve added glycerin to my spray bottle concoction – it’s a humectant and promotes moisture retention. It’s all outlined below:

Egg Treatment

* 2 beaten eggs
* some random conditioner to thicken the gloop
* 2 teaspoons of olive/coconut/castor oil

-mix it all up, apply to hair in sections, cover with shower cap.
-rinse with WARM water within FIFTEEN minutes!!! (if not, the egg will coagulate – you don’t want bits of fried egg stuck in your locks! trust me….)

I don’t shampoo when I do the egg rinse – it actually doubles as a cleansing agent, and I’d rather not assault my hair like that. Contrary to popular belief, my hair did not stink from the eggs, it was quite fresh-smelling. If you’re really worried, you can consider fragrance in determining what oil you add to the mix.

Glycerin Hairspray

*approx 3 parts water to 1 part glycerin
*1/2 part olive oil
*couple drops of peppermint oil

I spray generously from roots to ends. At first, I did it everyday, even twice a day (once right before wrapping in silk for bed), but now it’s at about once every other day, as it seems to be retaining the moisture and needing to be sprayed less. There’s lots of debate online about glycerin’s usefulness, I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and it seems to work for me. Granted, Barbados is definitely humid (and humidity seems to be an issue), but by all means, give it a whirl. Adjust the portions in your mixture to suit your texture and climate.

Now my locks be juicin’ like whoa! I am a happy camper!


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