Take Ya Clothes Off!!!

I heard the other day that Bajans have been having a problem recently – running into tourists expressing their healthy body image by savouring our sand and sea in the buff. I don’t think nude sunbathers need to be ‘cracked down on’, they need to be accomodated! Have you ever lain naked in the sun??? I haven’t, but I’d love to! Skinny dipping is for sure my favourite way to experience the ocean. There is nothing like being completely submerged in the warm Caribbean Sea (or Atlantic Ocean, depending on what side of THAT argument you’re on), no barriers between you and the eternal waters. Perfect natural unity, the way God made it to be. *ohmmmmmmm*  *ohmmmmmmm*

So. I’m thinking about starting a ‘Nude Beach Barbados’ petition. It’s time the liberated among us had a space to express ourselves. This is a democracy, no? (inward scoff at ‘democracy’). Of course, initially there would be gawkers, but the ignorant are always among us. They’d get over it after a while. Perhaps it could be located somewhere off the beaten track to help stem this. Perhaps we should simultaneously launch an island-wide ‘Love Your Body’ campaign. I dunno. I’m gonna think about it. No need to wait on me, though – get a jump on it with Spice & Co.!


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