Sex Change in A Can

Yep. You read right – sex change in a can. From male, to hermaphrodite, to female. And fully reproductive at that. These poor frogs. Apparently, the weed-killer chemical Atrazine has been found to transform the gender of frogs, and has also been linked to low sperm counts in human men! Why on earth are people still using this??? It’s banned in Europe, but according to this article from, American companies continue to proclaim its safety – all in the name of the Almighty Dollar.

Seems like a recurring nightmare to me. Foods that are genetically modified are subject to explicit labeling or flat out banning in the EU, but you have to be your own detective to avoid the carcinogenic villains as a grocery shopper in the U.S. In South Korea, Wal-Mart went out of business when women realised their produce was not fresh and locally-grown as promised. There’s irradiation, dyes, hormones, all kindsa crap in our imported food. I never thought much about this organic business until living in the States, and I wouldn’t say I’ve crossed over to the fanatic, but I’ll be honouring my mother’s and grandmother’s time-weathered tradition of getting produce straight from the farmers at the market, my fruit from my own backyard, my aunt’s, or whichever kind soul decided to pick and share.


One response to “Sex Change in A Can

  • bajeflava

    indeed… the repercussions of consuming this genetically altered food are huge, and largely unknown. It’s all about the $$$.

    Take for instance the possibility of a potato famine occuring in America due to production of the one kind of potato that Fast food joints deem ideal for the perfect french fry. So there is less focus on diversifying the crop with different varieties, a lil fungus hit bout de place, and boom! Potatoes gone. This is obviously oversimplified but you get the drift.

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