Chutney Bacchanal!!

Mango Chutney a la Diva

Mangos are for sure in season. Got a bunch on Saturday, then Ma-Ma gave me a bag last night, and the tree in the back yard is brimming! Oh, the aroma! I can only chomp so many at a time, though, and I know the critters will get at them if I leave them long enough. So I figured no time like the present to try my hand at some Mango Chutney!! There’s tons of recipes online, mine is definitely a ‘customization’ – based on what I did/didn’t have in my kitchen. A crucial missing ingredient in my recipe is vinegar (which I think is particularly necessary if you plan on bottling and preserving) – but I think it came out tasting pretty good! Went great with the stir-fried vegetable rice and fried flying-fish.

Mango Chutney a la Diva

*all measurements are approximate, I just guess*

5 semi-ripe mangos
2.5 cups water
10 tablespoons brown sugar
half an onion, diced
1 tablespoon salt
3 tablespoons ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon clove

*Another common ingredient is ginger

Peel the mangoes. Separate the flesh from the seed and slice/dice. Bring the water to boil and dissolve the sugar and salt. Add the mango and onion. Let it boil for a while (I boiled it for an hour+), until the mixture starts to become thick and syrupy. Add the cinnamon, clove and cayenne pepper. Stir it all up and boil for a few more minutes as the spices sink in, and to reach the desired consistency.


Hopefully by next time, I’ll get some vinegar and ginger to achieve more of the *real* chutney taste, but I have to say, I was pretty satisfied with this one. I love me some cinnamon, and the sweet-savoury balance was quite nice, although next time I’ll probably go for more spice by adding more cayenne.

Now for your listening pleasure, a Soca ‘Chutney’ throwback!!


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