NAPPY Chronicles: Co-Washing Magnificence

Inspired by the Napptural Twitterverse, I decided to try a co-wash. It’s summer and my hair needs it. Heck, who am I kidding, as long as I’m living my brillo textured hair will need all the moisture in the world.

Well, first what is a CO-WASH? Its basically a conditioner (no shampoo) wash. Based on the fact that naturally kinky hair can demand a lot of attention in the area of moisture, and most shampoos contain ingredients that actually counteract moisture absorption, a CO-WASH is like a much needed defrib for natural hair flatlining in the moisture department. For more info on what it is visit my tweep @thenaturalbride blog She has lots of great stuff over there in the realm of naturalness.

You’ll need:

  • A bottle with an applicator tip OR if you are into recycling (like I am) an empty bottled water bottle will do for mixing and applying.

My Co-Wash Recipe:

  • Cheap conditioner: VO5, Suave, Aussie, Whatever is on sale with a good fragrance will do
  • Melted shea butter (add a few drops of your fave essential oil if you desire)
  • Olive oil (depending on how dry your hair is you may be able to skip the shea butter and just add your essential oil to the olive oil
  • Feel free to add a little bit of a deep conditioner … I did. lol
  • Shower cap/shopping bag (yes… shopping bag… when you can’t ride a horse ride a cow… and my locs are long enough where a cow is necessary)

Mix these ingredients in your water bottle/applicator bottle. Notice I did not include quantities. This is intentional, averaging is an art, and I trust that you know just about how much product you will need to saturate your hair. You can keep the mixture warm by submerging the bottle in warm water until you are ready for it. Apply the mixture evenly to the hair. If you have locs, make sure you get it in there really good. Massage the scalp and work the mixture through the hair. Cover the hair with the shower cap/plastic bag and let sit for as long as it takes you to shower or for as long as you want (minimum 3-5 mins according to @thenaturalbride). Rinse really well (to avoid build-up) with cool water. Oil and style as usual etc.

    Brillo locs much?

    My Results:

    My hair has been going through a severe drought and I was really motivated by the softness and the great smell of my hair! It definitely feels softer and with a little oil up I can see the difference. I had deep conditioned and washed about a week ago but did not have the opportunity to retwist so this was the perfect solution to the rewash vs. quick water rinse dilemma. I definitely recommend for natural heads! And it doesn’t hurt that your hair smells absolutely heavenly afterward!:)

    Let us know how it works for you!


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