…..and we’re BACK!!

Wish we could say it was babies and marriages and million dollar movie deals that kept us away, but it was pretty much the mundanities of life – moving, school, jobs, etcetera. Nothing too thrilling.  Then again, let me not belittle the beauty of everyday life…breathing. Sunrises and sunsets. Soft gentle snows. Smiling children. And all that other mush…Let me stay focussed.

Errol Barrow Day heralds the return of the blog Allegiance. You’ll find he runs through all of our posts today. Gots tuh pay homage to a hard seed. It’s not just about respect, but about turning that mirror around and having a good hard look at yourself. Myself.

Keep looking out for new posts on a regular cycle again. You’ll hear from our core staff and from so many more talented and creative West Indians. Hop back on for the ride!!


Love & Light,



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