We asked our readers…

…reading the quote from The Rt. Hon. Errol Barrow’s famous ‘Mirror Image’ speech below, do you agree or disagree? Is this perspective still relevant today?

“What I wish to speak to you about very briefly here this evening is about you. About yourself

I want to know what kind of mirror image do you have of yourself? That is what I am concerned about. What kind of mirror image do you have of yourself? Do you really like yourselves? Because you can never really like anybody unless you first like yourself. There are too many people in Barbados who despise themselves and their dislike of themselves reflects itself in their dislike of other people… people who live next door to them, members of their family, husbands, and wives, and the ox and the ass and the stranger within the gates.”


“These days we love ourselves too much. So much selflove we’ve become ultra selfish. Sadness.”
~C. Baptiste, CaribVibez

“In times like these people will hate themselves because of a lot of de stress of everyday living ….TINGS hard people looking for a way out and will think others doin better than dem so dem going use every excuse …ME PERSONALLY I THINK ITS JUST PART OF LIFE …. HOW DO U LOVE YOURSELF ???
~Bajan Fari, Fari to de World
Brooklyn, NY

“Nothing has changed.”
~B. Taitt Jr., lawyer

“I agree – it is very much still relevant today.”
~M. Baldeo, Jazz Musician
Boston, MA


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