Morning, beautiful… You good, sweetheart? Look like you just fall right outta heaven… Girl, if you wake up in a red room widout doors nor winders, doan worry – you in my heart! …Wooo, boy, looka dah ass!! Cushion fuh de pushin!!Girl, you got a nice sweet fat pussy! (yeah, I said it.) “


I have heard all the above and more, just going about my business – walking, bus-ing, train-ing. Sometimes if it’s a polite call, and I’m in the mood, I’ll give the requisite nod to avoid the cuss out. Other times, I haven’t and I cuss right back. Still other times, I continue on peeved that my beautiful day has been sullied with unwanted and unmannerly advances. And generally, it bothers me how many of us have to strategise ways to avoid or handle street harrassment. Let me be careful, I’m getting all into it. All I really meant to do was to drop by quickly and share this article by OUTlish magazine out of Trinidad, and point you towards the WomenSpeakProject and ‘Hollaback!‘ , generating positive momentum to pull this thorn out of the female side!














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