Of assaulting alarms and “MacMillan Morons”


Yes, man – get up. Kind of rude I know, but so is your alarm clock and you still get up. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s just me, a slave to the stupid thing, rising early even when I finally have a chance to sleep in! But anyway 🙂 I’m finally on vacation, so the blog’s slumber is officially interrupted. The most stressful term of my teaching year is over, and I can have a life again.

Venturing into a new writing project, so I’m doing all kinds of research on writing in the Caribbean. Came across this gem today – The (Civilizing) Missionary Position: A Manifesto (Published in the Trinidadian Guardian, April 13, 2011). Raymond Ramcharitar accuses a MacMillan-published compilation of racialising, exoticising and imperialising (yes, it’s a word) the Caribbean. My cup of tea. Maybe I’m an mc* cynic, and that’s why I find his article so refreshing and delightful without having actually read the compilation he shreds like coconut to make sugar cake, but that’s ok for today – I’ll own that. Don’t let my blind acceptance stop you from forming your own opinion, though – long live critical thought! Hurrah!!

*mc stands for “multicultural”…ew…I don’t like the word.


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